Project Overview +

Cancer Center Recipes Just for You is a Web site that will help patients and families develop healthy meal plans specific to their needs. It has a searchable database of recipes developed by Graham Kerr, formerly known as "The Galloping Gourmet."

Aims +

Aim 1. Help people include the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables in their diet.

Aim 2. Adapt an existing CHCR fruit and vegetable intervention for broad dissemination within the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Participants +

UM Comprehensive Cancer Center patients and their families

Intervention +

  • Searchable online recipe index
  • Checklist of foods to include and foods to avoid for tailored recipes with ingredients participants prefer
  • Videos and cooking tips from Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet, an internationally known culinary and television personality

Findings +

This recipe tool was created for another project, but is an easy stand-alone tool. It was re-purposed for patients of the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Cancer Center Recipes Just For You

01/10/2007 - 05/31/2010


National Cancer Institute

Principal Investigator:

Edward W. Saunders, MS