Project Overview +

This DVD is one portion of a larger study (Mobilizing Peer Support for Effective Heart Failure Self-Management) being conducted by Dr. Michele Heisler. The goal of the DVD is to teach people with congestive heart failure how to support each other in managing their illness via phone calls to each other. The DVD describes and models Motivational Interviewing (MI) style communication skills for peer-to-peer communications. The DVD explains the basics of MI style communications and provides numerous examples of peer-to-peer conversations that use MI techniques.

Related Media +

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Aims +

To build a cohesive, educational DVD that effectively teaches patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) how to communicate with each other for both peer-to-peer support and assistance in the management of their disease.

Participants +

Over 400 moderate to high-risk CHF patients from a community health care system serving large numbers of racial minority and socio-economically vulnerable CHF patients.

Intervention +

The DVD educates and trains peer partners who have congestive heart failure on how to use some of the techniques of Motivational Interviewing (MI) to support each other and help each other improve their health.

The DVD demonstrates three types of communication skills:

  1. asking open questions;
  2. reflective listening; and
  3. encouraging efforts to make change.

The DVD helps the individuals understand that when two people living with chronic illness share experiences, it can be a very powerful way for them to help each other cope and make good health decisions.