← Select Parameters

Select your search characteristics using this control panel.

You can opt to show images based on all of these choices, or narrow your search by choosing from the Age, Ethnicity, Gender, and Character menus.

← Select Emotions

Select up to 31 emotions to view by clicking on their respective checkboxes. You can use the Emotion Preset menu to select "positive", "negative" or "all" emotions.

Click the clear button to uncheck all of them. Without selecting at least one Emotion, however, you will get no results.

By turning on the Headers and changing the Grouping, you can sort the image result by any one of the five characteristics. With Headers on, you can click on the headers to make the groups hide and show

↓ View Headers

You can use the Zoom bar to dynamically change the size of the images.

↓ Zoom Images

Emotion Preset:

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