Emerson Delacroix
Phone: (734) 657-8235
Email: emmed@med.umich.edu
2800 Plymouth Road Building 16
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800


Emerson Delacroix


Emerson Delacroix, MACP, LLP, is a licensed psychologist and has seven years of experience working in behavioral and mental health research and practice. As a counseling psychologist, Emerson has studied a variety of mental and behavior health research topics and implemented research results into their therapy practice. 

Mx. Delacroix uses their excellent communication and conflict management skills to catalyze and help clients heal, grow and live with purpose. They also have eight years of public relations and project management experience utilizing their communications, organizational and leadership skills. They have created and implemented health related programs for group therapy clients and non-profit organizations.