Dennis D. Tolsma, MPH
Phone: 404.982.0537
3495 Piedmont Road NE - Bldg 10
Atlanta, GA 30305-1717


Dennis D. Tolsma, MPH


Dennis Tolsma, MPH, is Consulting Director and Senior Scientific Advisor of Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research (CHR). Mr. Tolsma's research includes prevention intervention trials, chronic disease studies, public health surveillance using managed care data, research ethics, and asthma studies.

Mr. Tolsma's 15-year tenure with Kaiser Permanente's Georgia Region involved leading prevention research, clinical quality improvement, performance measurement, and other research activities. Mr. Tolsma has served as Chair of the HMO Research Network Governing Board, was a member of the Institute of Medicine Committee on the System for Protecting of Human Participants in Research, Kaiser Permanente’s National Research Council, and the ACHP/AHIP Science Advisory Committee.