Edward H. Wagner, MD, MPH
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Edward H. Wagner, MD, MPH


Edward Wagner, MD, MPH, is Director (Emeritus), MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation and a Group Health Research Institute Senior Investigator. Dr. Wagner is also a professor of health services at the University of Washington School of Public Health and serves as principal investigator for the Cancer Research Network (CRN), a National Cancer Institute-funded consortium of 14 health-plan-based research organizations. The CRN is part of the HMO Research Network, a larger alliance of health care delivery organizations with sophisticated research capabilities that he helped establish in 1996.

Patients and health care systems worldwide have benefited from Edward Wagner's commitment to transforming health care. Best known for innovations in chronic illness care, Dr. Wagner's work spans a range of topics in health services research and produces results that consistently enhance our nation's capacity for health systems change.

Translating evidence-based methods of improving care into practice is the tie that binds Dr. Wagner's investigations in preventive medicine, geriatrics, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Another common thread is collaboration -- between researchers and health care teams and between health care teams and patients. Under his leadership, several projects, initiatives, and organizations aimed at improving care have sprung up and flourished.