Software Demos

Watch our Software in Action, and learn from the Pros.

Dictionary Demo

Holly Derry, MPH

Learn how the dictionary is constructed in MTS.

Message Document Demo

Logic Talk

Shannon Considine

Shannon Considine explains how logic is set up in your Message Documents and how it affects your tailored result.

Preview Demo
(Testing Talk II - Software)

Mike Nowak, MSI

Mike Nowak presents the functionality of Workbench's built in Preview component, where you can test to see if all your logic is working. Preview gives you the raw text output of your project for a given test case without graphics, highlighting some errors in your logic so you can quickly correct them.

Publisher Demo

Ian Tadashi Moore

Ian Tadashi Moore demonstrates the use of Publisher - going from successfully tested logic to XHTML templates.

With Publisher, you can quickly see the results of mapping your message documents to XHTML, giving your final presentation a polished and professional appearance.