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Download the software packages, as well as the source code.

Workbench Application

Version 3.0
Mac OS X / Windows

Workbench Application

Version 3.0 New version released February 16, 2011

Use the links to the left to download for either Mac (DMG) or Windows (MSI).

Release Notes

MTS 3.0 includes important changes that may require you to change your message documents:

  • Paragraph rows can no longer include messages.
  • If you have text in a paragraph row, it will be deleted. While paragraph rows never displayed text, previous versions of MTS allowed a user to enter text into a paragraph row. This is no longer possible.
  • List commands have a new structure. In previous versions of MTS, List commands contained Text rows that were converted to bulleted or numbered list items. Now, List commands use listitem rows in place of text rows. See the user manual for more information.
  • The XML code for Select and List commands has changed. This will require no action from you. But your file will look as if it's been modified as soon as you open it, even if you haven't modified anything. It's a behind-the-scenes code change and will not affect your messages, logic, or document in any other way.
MTS Engine

Version 3.0

MTS Engine (4.3MB)

Source code for the standalone engine. Can be run with or without MTS Workbench.

MTS - Eclipse


MTS Complete

Eclipse Package: 227.6MB

Source: 82MB

MTS Source Code



Packaged Zip file

MTS .zip archive for Mac OS X (110MB)

.zip archive installer for advanced users.

MTS - Windows

Packaged Zip file

MTS .zip archive for Windows (110MB)

.zip archive installer for advanced users.