Puff City - FREDDIE Award (Inflammatory Diseases)

Project Description

The multi-session, tailored, Web-based program, called Puff City, is designed to improve the health of urban, minority teenagers with asthma, thereby reducing the racial disparities in asthma morbidity and mortality. Asthma is the most common crippling disease of children in the United States. Its prevalence is highest among African Americans in urban, low-income areas.

The hip DJ, Puffman, gives scientifically sound advice that is individually tailored to each student's asthma condition. The Pink Panther-esque animation, professional character voices, and street-wise dialog make a very serious, but often dry, public health issue come alive for teens. Behind the scenes, a sophisticated "tailoring engine" evaluates an array of student answers and formulates appropriate health messages, graphics, animations, and voice-overs to play.


Award Description

Sponsored by the MediMedia Foundation, the preeminent International Health & Medical Media Awards, known as the FREDDIE Awards, held 35 annual competitions (1974-2009) to encourage and recognize excellence in health-related media.

FREDDIE’s founder, Dr. Fredrick Gottlieb, brought the worlds of medical science, education and the arts together in what has become the preeminent international media competition devoted to educational health and medical productions. Each year, the competition attracts hundreds of submissions from around the world—documentaries, series, shorts, videos, web sites, and CD-ROMs—in 31 categories. These include Oncology, Diabetes, Fitness/Wellness, Infectious Disease, Prevention, and Women’s Health. All of the submitted media aim to help people live healthier, longer lives. They provide answers for consumers as well as health professionals, and raise important questions, too. The stories they tell are courageous and inspirational, often documenting the lives of those who have overcome tremendous medical struggles and those who have helped them to do so.