Health 'o' Vision - Outstanding Quality

Project Description

The Michigan Interactive Health Kiosk Demonstration Project, developed by the University of Michigan Center for Health Communications Research with funding by the Michigan Department of Community Health, is a network of 100 kiosks serving at-risk populations who are underserved in terms of access to technology and health information. The kiosks, used by nearly a half-million Michigan residents each year, were located throughout the State of Michigan in publicly accessible sites such as shopping malls, libraries, supermarkets, medical centers, community centers, senior centers, factory floors, and many other locations serving low income populations.

The kiosks use a touchscreen interface styled to look like a television to deliver an interactive, multimedia health promotion program called Health 'o' Vision, that covers a wide range of topics, including prostate cancer screening, breast cancer screening, smoking cessation and prevention, cardiovascular disease prevention, childhood immunization, child bicycle helmet safety, cancer risk prevention, nutrition, physical activity, and Alzheimer's disease awareness. Combined, these modules provide more than two hours of interactive video, in addition to audio, animation, graphics, text, and interactive risk assessments.


Award Description

The Partnerships for Networked Consumer Health Information sponsored Technology Showcase (1995-2000) represented the premier competition and leading opportunity for developers and vendors of interactive health communication applications (e.g., health Web sites, health-related CD-ROMs/DVDs) to gain valuable feedback on and recognition for their innovative programs.